Dog Crafts to Sell – If you’re a dog lover and a craft enthusiast, then you’ll love these unique and easy to make dog crafts. Not only are they fun to create, but they can also make great items to sell to fellow dog lovers. From toys to accessories, here are some dog crafts to sell:


If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to make some extra money, dog crafts are a great option. From cute and cuddly to practical and functional, there are all kinds of dog crafts that you can make and sell. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best dog crafts to sell and provide you with tips for making your crafts stand out.

Crafts for Dogs

Dog Collars

One of the most popular crafts for dogs is making collars. Dog owners are always looking for unique and stylish collars for their furry friends, and there are endless options for making them. You can use different materials such as leather, fabric, or even repurpose old items like belts and ties. Personalizing the collars with the dog’s name or a fun design can also make them more appealing to buyers.

Dog Toys

Dog toys are another popular craft item. From plush toys to chew toys, there are all kinds of options for making toys that dogs will love. Using durable materials and adding fun designs can make your toys stand out from store-bought options. You can also consider making eco-friendly toys from recycled materials to appeal to environmentally conscious buyers.

Crafts for Dog Lovers

Dog-themed Clothing

For dog lovers, clothing and accessories featuring their favorite breed can be a hit. You can make t-shirts, hats, or even jewelry with dog-themed designs. Adding a personal touch such as customizing the design or adding the dog’s name can make it even more special.

Dog-themed Home Decor

Another option for dog lovers is home decor items such as pillows or wall art featuring dogs. You can use different materials such as canvas, wood, or fabric to create unique pieces that will appeal to dog owners. Personalizing the decor with the dog’s name or breed can make it even more special.

Tips for Selling Dog Crafts

Once you’ve created your dog crafts, it’s important to market them effectively. Here are some tips for selling your dog crafts:

Use Social Media

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are great for showcasing your crafts. Posting pictures and videos of your crafts in use can help potential buyers visualize how they can use the products for their own pets or as gifts for fellow dog lovers.

Attend Local Markets and Events

Attending local markets and events is a great way to get your crafts in front of potential buyers. Consider setting up a booth and displaying your crafts in an appealing way. You can also offer discounts or promotions to entice people to make a purchase.

Offer Customization

Offering customization options such as adding the dog’s name or breed to your crafts can make them more appealing to buyers. It also adds a personal touch that can make the product more meaningful.

Price Your Crafts Competitively

Do some research on similar products to ensure that your crafts are priced competitively. You don’t want to price them too high and turn off potential buyers, but you also don’t want to price them too low and undervalue your work.

Fun and Easy Dog Crafts to Sell for Kids

Dogs are a popular animal among kids, so creating dog crafts to sell can be a fun and profitable venture. Here are some fun and easy dog crafts for kids to make and sell:

  • Dog-shaped keychains made from polymer clay
  • Pawprint bookmarks made from cardboard and paint
  • Dog-themed friendship bracelets made from embroidery floss
  • Origami dog faces made from paper

Not only are these crafts fun and easy for kids to create, but they are also affordable to make, making them a great choice for selling at craft fairs or online.

DIY Dog Crafts to Sell

If you are looking for more advanced dog crafts to sell, then try creating some of these DIY projects:

  • Dog-shaped pillows made from fleece fabric
  • Dog-themed canvas paintings
  • Dog-shaped planters made from concrete
  • Dog-shaped soap bars made from glycerin soap base

These DIY dog crafts are not only unique and one-of-a-kind, but they also make great gifts for dog lovers or as home decor.

Animal-inspired Home Decor

Dog-themed Wall Art

If you have a talent for art, then consider creating some dog-themed wall art to sell. Here are some ideas:

  • Watercolor paintings of dogs in different poses or breeds
  • Cross-stitch patterns of dog silhouettes
  • Collages of dog photos

Dog-themed Home Accents

If you prefer to create home accents, then try making these dog-themed projects:

  • Dog-shaped coasters made from cork or wood
  • Dog-shaped candles made from beeswax
  • Dog-shaped throw pillows made from fabric

These animal-inspired home decor items are sure to be a hit with dog lovers and make great additions to any home.

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